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September 2015

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Hi everyone - just to let you know that the Olton Tavern has (unexpectedly) closed until 21st September to undergo a refurbishment.

WE ARE STILL OPEN!! The main car park in front of the pub will be full of contractor's stuff when you arrive, but the side car park and the overflow car park will be available to us as usual.

We have been assured that there will be a route through to the car park exit left open for us to use ~ will let you know if there are any issues with this.

A reminder of when we're open over the summer holidays below....

Now running our Summer Timetable (Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays only) - come any night you can!

(KK4 should try to come Wednesdays if possible)

Full timetable resumes on Monday 7th September.....

Interested in joining?
We are currently taking names for our Autumn beginner's intake. Full information about coming along to Team Black Belt can be found on the 'Join Us' page.


Team Black Belt

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Congratulations - you have just found the friendliest, most fun Karate School in Solihull!

Team Black Belt have taken the traditional Japanese Karate style of Wado Ryu (the way of peace and harmony) and combined it with modern, more up beat and western teaching methods. Our classes are fun packed, high energy, motivational and friendly!

Take a look around our website (there are video clips of what we do on each of the Classes pages), or contact us to arrange to come along and watch a class.

And if you decide to have a go, your first lesson is FREE!!
Full information about coming along to Team Black belt can be found on the 'Join Us' page.


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