All about Panda Tots...

Panda Tots classes have been developed from our massively successful Little Dragons programme, and are great fun all whilst encouraging confidence, co-ordination and cognitive development.

Children are rewarded for their efforts each week by receiving a sticker to stick in their special Panda Tots sticker book. After every 6 stickers children then gain their next coloured 'belt' sticker and also receive a coloured wristband, echoing the grading system in martial arts.

Classes are £6.25 per week, and if you join you will need to purchase your child's 'Panda Pack' (£20), which consists of their Panda T-shirt and Achievement sticker book.

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Panda Tots

....for ages 3 to 5

Online classes during Coronavirus shutdown!
We are now running online Panda Tot classes (on Zoom)! Please see below for further details.

Class time: ~~Saturday mornings at 9.30am~~

Classes are £5 each, and will be sold as a block of 4 (or less if you join after the current 4 week period has started).

In order to book in, please email Helen HERE, (including your Panda's name in the email), and she will send you details of how (& how much) to pay, the Zoom link you'll need for the current 4 week block, and which weeks it covers from the Equipment list below.

Equipment List:
Week 1: Cushion /pillow /hand pads
Week 2: Centre tube from foil /wrapping paper /kitchen towel or rolled up (and secured) large magazine or newspaper
Week 3: No equipment needed
Week 4: Balloon (possibly 2 to be on the safe side!)
Week 5: Cushion /pillow /hand pads
Week 6: A skipping rope or a man's tie /karate belt /scarf /trouser belt (if you can cover the buckle)
Week 7: Cushion /pillow /hand pads
Week 8: No equipment needed

We plan to continue to offer these lessons all through the summer, right up until we're able to open again, but will notify you of any closures in a previous lesson, on our Facebook page & at the top of this page.

If you haven't used Zoom before, please read the following information so you are ready to go at 9.30am!

A couple of minutes before your class is due to start, click on the link in your email (using the device you want to join in the lesson on is easiest), then 'Join the Meeting', enter the password, and then you should be taken to a page that lets you know that the Host (Panda Anita) hasn't started the meeting yet. Just keep this open, and she'll pop up when you're least expecting it ;)

Just to clarify - you WILL need the password from your email to join the online lessons.

If your email isn't available on the device you want to join in the lesson via, just CLICK HERE, and use the Meeting ID (and the password) from your email.

These classes are on the Zoom platform, but you don't need to set up an account with Zoom. If you've not used Zoom before, check out the following info:

Tablet/Mobile Phone
If you are planning to use a tablet device or mobile phone to attend the lesson, then it is definitely worth getting the Zoom app downloaded in advance (from your usual app store). Make sure to select the option for internet audio if the start up process asks you to confirm you want this, otherwise you won't hear anything

Desktop PC
If you are using a PC, on the FIRST VISIT do allow a couple of minutes to download the software the Zoom site will instruct you to download once you've clicked on the lesson link.
You'll obviously need to have speakers, but if you want to interact, and Panda Anita to be able to see and chat with you, don't forget to get set up with a camera & a microphone.

What do some of our parents have to say...?

"My daughter has been desperate to do a Panda Tots class for ages, and absolutely loved her first lesson. She loved the activities, and really enjoyed the fact that we did them together. She can't wait to go again!"
Laura W.

"My youngest son has been watching his older brother at karate lessons for ages now, and was desperate to join in but unfortunately was too young. However, we heard about Panda Tots so took him along, and it was brilliant! He got a chance to do some of the things he's seen his brother do, but tailored just right for his age and ability. Great fun, and now he doesn't feel left out anymore."
Matt S.