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October 2023

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Full information about coming along to Team Black Belt can be found on the Join Us page.
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All our Classes (below) are held at our Dojo in Olton, Solihull. Check out our Location page for more information.

Children (5yrs+)
Mon to Thur: 5.15pm to 5.50pm - Little Dragons (Beginners & Intermediates)
Mon to Thur: 6.00pm to 6.40pm - Karate Kids1 (Beginners)
Mon to Thur: 6.50pm to 7.30pm - Karate Kids2 (Older beginners & Intermediates)

Senior students & Adults
Mon: 7.40pm to 8.25pm - Seniors & Dan Grades
Tues: 7.40pm to 8.25pm - Karate Kids3
Tues: 8.35pm to 9.30pm - Adults (Beginners & Intermediates)
Weds: 7.40pm to 8.25pm - Karate Kids4
Weds: 8.35pm to 9.30pm - Seniors & Dan Grades
Thur: 7.40pm to 8.25pm - Karate Kids3
Thur: 8.35pm to 9.30pm - Adults (Beginners & Intermediates)

For more information and booking details for the above classes, visit our Join Us page.

Saturday mornings - Panda Tots (3 - 5yrs)
9.15am to 9.50am - Panda Tots
10am to 10.35am - Panda Tots
10.45am to 11.20am - Panda Tots

Panda Tots runs as a stand alone class to the rest of the school, so for more
information and booking details, visit our Panda Tots page)